Grant Me Paradise

A reflection from our MD, Suzi Digby OBE

Rossini and Ken Burton

It’s was rather gratifying to hear an audience stage whispered ‘wow’ after one of the electrifying chorus movements of Rossini’s Petite Meade Solenelle. I rather felt the same. It’s one of those works that engenders a sense of fun and joy and hence Voce’s wonderful young singers sang their hearts out with energy, dynamism and superb vocal quality. And did Rossini understand the voice! The title is not without irony (it’s 80 minutes long, with numerous extended solos, sung superbly by members of Voce). “The last of my péchés de vieillesse" (sins of old age) is how Rossini described it. I think he’d have been pleased with our performance, imbued with appropriate Italianate passion. The scoring, for two pianos and harmonium works brilliantly. Our team of instrumentalists (Jeremiah Stephenson, Charles Andrews and Jordan Wong) preformed to perfection. There can’t be many places in the world that could yield such a concentration of talent, commitment and expertise. 

We finished the evening with a memorised performance of Ken Burton’s Psalm 150. Gospel-inspired, it goes straight to the solar plexus and left us uplifted and ready for our traditional Voce après-sing in the local pub!

Photo Credit: Andrew Prior

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