Petites Prieres - 1 November 2019, Grosvenor Chapel

On Friday 1st November, Voce Chamber choir sang a delightful programme of Bach and Poulenc motets at the Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair.

A reflection from our MD Suzi Digby OBE

This season we have tackled some of the most challenging and gratifying repertoire in the history of small-scale choral works: three great motets of Bach and three exquisite works by Poulenc. Between them, the vocal, technical, musical and linguistic challenges are as demanding as it gets. Having met these challenges in a relatively short rehearsal period, the resulting concert last Friday 1st November proved deeply gratifying and elevated us all to a new dimension.

There was a level of joy and combination of complete intellectual, aesthetic and physical engagement from our singers that I believe is elicited uniquely from Bach. Working hard and successfully towards a very challenging common goal is what brings busy people together after an exhausting day’s work, week after week, voluntarily, for rehearsals.

The Poulenc motets proved a worthy companion for the Bach. Few composers pose greater tuning challenges. But the result is ravishing.

Our audience loved the concert and their appreciation was deeply satisfying for all of us. But, for me, the real pleasure came from the faces of Voce’s singers and from the gorgeous quality of their singing. And the energy, dynamism and freshness of the performances. We all went further than we believed we could.