Voce features in Stylist Magazine

Voce appeared in the national press again this week - this time in a Stylist feature on The Rise Of The Choir.

The article by Lucy Foster (which featured in both the hard copy and electronic versions of the magazine) focused on the social, emotional and physical benefits of ensemble singing: stuff we knew about already, of course, but were happy to see brought to a wider audience!

True, the 'stress-busting' properties of singing came as news to some of us one week before our whopper of an Passiontide concert (as did the revelation that we'd sung with Hayley Westenra), but on the whole the article did our singers justice. Readers will have come away with some very favourable coverage of our 2012 gigs with the Rolling Stones, as well as a fascinating insight into the Voce rehearsal schedule:

"I know I would be far more stressed if I didn’t sing. I honestly can’t imagine life without it,” explains [Voce alto] Christina... I love the challenge; the sense of achievement of transforming a piece of music no-one knows and working together in unison to create a fantastic sound. It’s enormously gratifying."

Inspired? What are you waiting for - get out there and get singing!

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